Heid Specialized Clutch and Brake Solutions

Heid Specialized Clutch and Brake Solutions

For many years now, customers from around the world appreciate working with HEID Antriebstechnik when it comes to customized solutions for non-standard applications. Heid Specialized Clutch and Brake Solutions offer ranges from special safety brakes for a space telescope to “Low Energy” clutches for battery-operated diving robots.

We support our customers with the technical development of initial ideas through to prototyping and ultimately to the maturity phase of a complete, overall development.

Heid Specialized Clutch and Brake Solutions

Max Planck Institute

For space research on the island of La Palma in Spain, a mirror telescope was built. As a partner of the consortium, the Max Planck Institute in Munich was responsible for the elevation of this telescope and worked together with HEID to develop special holding brakes with a total braking torque of 8000 Nm. HEID very quickly developed the ideal technical implementation for the Max Planck Institute using specially designed electromagnetic disc brakes; therefore, we received the order.

Siemens Austria AG

Transformers Weiz, Austria This company’s operations are located onsite at Weiz, a special test bench for transformers. Using large generators, the network situation is simulated. HEID was commissioned to develop a custom-built clutch for the connection and disconnection of the auxiliary drives of these generators. In order to fulfill these specifications, a special hydraulic clutch, the HLS 2000, was designed with a torque of over 30,000 Nm.

Rosenbauer International AG

The company Rosenbauer is world renowned for the development of fire-fighting vehicles and fire-fighting technology. HEID has developed a special electromagnetic, single-face clutch for this global company, specifically for the drive of water pumps used in conjunction with a combustion engine. Over the years, thousands of units of this clutch have been supplied, in the field fighting fires, this solution from HEID has never failed.


CANDU is a large-scale water reactor developed in Canada and is in operation worldwide. The world’s largest and most efficient nuclear power plant runs on HEID clutches and brakes. These components are developed especially for this environment and are exposed to strongest nuclear radiation; therefore, these components meet the highest safety standard. The HEID Quality Management System meets the special requirements of the international nuclear industry.

Low Energy

For a battery-powered research submarine in North America, HEID developed a special electromagnetic clutch type FMOV in a “LE” (low energy) version. By means of a special design and a specially developed coil, the power consumption of the clutch could be reduced by 38 percent.


With a comprehensive offering of machine tools, Liebherr supplies the right solution for every requirement in terms of the economical manufacture of cylindrical gearing. For Liebherr gear shaping machines, HEID developed a special safety brake type LMOBD for blocking the tool carriage in case of power outage. HEID stayes in touch with Liebherr throughout their steps of development and has, over the course of these years, continuously adapted the safety brake to Liebherr requirements.

Nanjing Kangni

The company Nanjing Kangni KN in Nanjing, China has focused on the production of door systems for railways and underground trains. HEID custom-developed a single-face brake that must not only adhere to very compact installation dimensions but must also guarantee door-holding functions under enormous voltage fluctuation of +/- 30 percent.

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